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How do you plan your trip to Ethiopia?
How do you get here?
How do you secure your visa?
How do you take care of your travel health?
How do you tip or bargain in Ethiopia?
How can you extend your holiday in Ethiopia?
How safe is Ethiopia for tourists ?
How do you choose the standard of your accommodation?
What are the inclusions in your tour price?
Do you need travel insurance?
What do you need to wear during your trip in Ethiopia?
Which season should you travel in Ethiopia?
Are our tour packages flexible?
How many people can join one of our tours?
Are there age restrictions in our tours?
What kind of transportation do we use?
Are all our trips guided?
How can you make payment for your trip?
What is the best way to contact Tek Tours?

   What kind of transportation do we use?

We use latest model 4 WD vehicles that are appropriate for the climate and road conditions of the country. Our coaster buses and mini buses are also very comfortable with air conditioning and suitable chairs.


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